Everyone loves the perfect picture!  One that is so alive it feels like it could actually make a sound.  Let me capture this chapter in your life behind my lens with pictures that tell a story, make you smile, and remember a special time in your life.  

It would be my pleasure to be a part of making a memory with you.
It is my desire to create art in photography.  I believe beauty waits to be captured and once you have it, timeless memories are created.  

I began photography as a childhood hobby because I enjoyed nature, people, and creating nostalgia.  Through the years I realized that photography gives me incredible pleasure.  I love combining the expression of my photographic art with the privilege of sharing special experiences with others.  
  • photography areas: nature, people, pets and objects
  • skilled in my craft and continuosly learning new and innovative ways to perfect each photo
  • available to travel for photography events
  • I guarantee satisfaction for photo session and will take the time necessary to produce a good product
  • Choose BB Jaxson photography because I have the desire to capture beauty in all things seen from behind my lens and leave my clients satisfied.  

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